Why Should I Go Global?

Exports Present a Great Opportunity to Increase Business and the Local Economy

Exporting allows local businesses to achieve economic growth, create local employment opportunities, and greater wealth within our community.  Jacksonville and Northeast Florida companies can now take advantage of the new consumer class created by the rapid urbanization in mature and developing international markets. 83 percent of global GDP growth is projected to occur outside the United States over the next few years.

Export wages are typically 13-18% higher than non-export wages.

JAX Global Trade helps local firms access new markets, coordinate regional assets, align existing export services and bring new business opportunity to our region. Local area businesses have the advantage of leveraging our region’s world-class airports, spaceport, two deep-water ports, four marine terminals and foreign trade zones. As well as the growing international exposure to our world-class medical facilities, financial market, logistics services, foreign direct investment and quality of life.

Export Facts You Can’t Ignore:

  • 95% of worldwide consumption occurs outside the United States
  • For every $1 billion in exports an estimated 5,690 new jobs are created
  • Companies engaged in exporting experience higher sales, regardless of their size
  • Mid-sized companies ($1-$100 mil) engaged in exporting grow at 34% vs 5% for non-exporters
  • Medium sized exporters on average, employ 72 people vs. 43 for non-exporters
  • Export companies support more than 11 million U.S. jobs
  • U.S. exporting businesses grow 15 percent faster than non-exporters
  • Exports of locally produced goods and services account for 7.4 percent of the region’s total economic output (National average – 13.2 percent)
  • 80% of the World’s purchasing power is outside the United States and growing”.  Purchasing power is more important to business than population
  • $170,000 in exports supports one job, on average –  Source: Page 3 http://trade.gov/publications/pdfs/exports-support-american-jobs.pdf
  • Companies that export are resilient to U.S. economic recessions