Global Export Overview

Simply put, Exports are goods or services produced locally and sold out of the country. This may be done as a way to boost the gross economic output, or in exchange for more desired products or services. Today’s global economy offers more products and services than were previously imaginable. Using modern technology and advanced shipping methodologies, local businesses are now able to Export – Import goods and services of all kinds, to and from every corner of the globe.

95% of your potential customers are located beyond U.S. borders.

Export Numbers: (2016)

  • China has been the world’s largest exporter of goods and services since 2009
  • The United States, the world’s second-largest exporter, shipped $1.454 trillion worth of products around the world in 2016. That figure represents roughly 9% of overall global exports estimated at $16.236 trillion based on 2015 figures
  • In 2016, more than a third of U.S. exports (34.2%) were delivered to Canada and Mexico
  • Asian importers purchased 32% of U.S. shipments while 21.2% arrived in Europe. A smaller percentage of 9.3% went to Latin America (excluding Mexico) and the Caribbean

Below is a list showcasing 15 of the United States’ top trading partners in terms of U.S. export sales in 2016. These countries consumed 73.5% of all U.S. Exports.

Country U.S. Dollars % of Total U.S. Exports
Canada $266 Billion 18.3%
Mexico $231 Billion 15.9%
China $115.8 Billion 8%
Japan $63.3 Billion 4.4%
United Kingdom $55.4 Billion 3.8%
Germany $49.4 Billion 3.4%
South Korea $40.4 Billion 2.9%
Netherlands $40.4 Billion 2.9%
Hong Kong $34.9 Billion 2.4%
France $32.4 Billion 2.2%
Belgium $32.3 Billion 2.2%
Brazil $30.3 Billion 2.1 %
Singapore $26.9 Billion 1.8%
Switzerland $22.7 Billion 1.6%

80% of the World’s purchasing power is outside the United States and growing.

All top 15 U.S. trading partners increased their purchases of U.S. exports from 2009 to 2016. Leading the increases were Mexico (up 79%), China (up 66.4%), Hong Kong (up 65.3%), Belgium (up 49.2%) and South Korea (up 47.6%). The mildest improvements in U.S. export sales were to Germany (up 14.2%) and Brazil (up 15.7%).