Faces of Trade

Green Technologies LLC

We thought exporting would help us grow, so we connected with Florida SBDC at UNF. They helped us identify target markets and develop our export plan. Exports now represent almost 30% of our annual revenue.

Alexander Varshovi, Business Analyst


Florida SBDC at UNF

The Florida SBDC at UNF was created to help small and medium size businesses. We provide access to Certified Global Business Professionals as well as industry information and tools that will guide companies in the export process.

Janice Donaldson, Regional Director

Pictured with Cathy Hagan, Consultant Area Director and Alexander Varshovi



We have been exporting for close to eight years and exports represents about 10% of our sales. To make sure we got it right, we worked with most of the resource providers listed on this site. We now distribute all over the world, with a strong product presence in Australia, Belgium, Hungary and South Africa.

Silas Dudley, President

Pictured with Brent Frantz – International Manager



100% of our revenue comes from exporting heavy equipment and related components all over the world. We have clients on four continents, and we are still growing. In 2008, we connected with Enterprise Florida, and they guided us through every step to become a leader in our industry.

Carlton Smith, Chief Operating Officer

Pictured with Eric Shafer, Director of International Sales & Logistics and Larry Bernaski, Enterprise Florida.


Enterprise Florida

At Enterprise Florida , our role is to assess a company’s export readiness and provide them with the counseling, information and referrals so they fully understand each step of the export process. Though our various export services we work with novice and experienced exporters alike in addressing their export issues, assisting them in reaching their goals, and creating more jobs through exporting.

Larry Bernaski, Regional Manager, International Trade Development


Humic Growth Solutions

We received a grant from Enterprise Florida to participate in the Gold Key Service program. As a result, we have made connections and secured clients in more than a dozen countries worldwide. We manufacture 15,500 metric tons annually, and we export approximately 80% of our production. With the ongoing support of our resource providers we continue to find new markets for our product.

Josh Welzel, International Business Coordinator


UltraTech International, Inc.

Our international clients love working with American companies and our exports generate 15% of revenue. We do business in 97 countries and have a strong market presence in Australia, New Zealand, China and Europe. Jorge Arce, from the U.S. Department of Commerce, has been instrumental in helping us connect with new clients worldwide.

Mark Shaw, CEO

Pictured with Dale Shaw, VP of Operations