About JAX Global Trade

JAX Global Trade, established in 2014 under the auspices of the Brookings Institution and JPMorgan Chase Global Cities Initiative, is a collaborative program undertaken by the region’s economic and international development organizations and agencies. Managed by JAXUSA Partnership, a division of the JAX Chamber, JAX Global Trade delivers valuable information and assistance to businesses wishing to evaluate and learn about Export – Import opportunities in the global economy.

We are proud to say that following an extensive application process that evaluates a region’s readiness, capabilities and commitment to pursuing the Initiative’s goals, Brookings selected Jacksonville as one of 29 nationwide metro areas to participate in the Global Cities Initiative Exchange.

Helping Jacksonville and Northeast Florida Companies Go Global

Our Goals:

85% of the World’s purchasing power is outside the United States and growing.

Increase the economic wealth of our region by growing Export – Import trade and international business activities. Increase commerce by leveraging the region’s two deep-water seaports, airports, spaceport and foreign trade zones. As well as the growing international exposure to our world-class medical facilities, financial market, logistics services, foreign direct investment and quality of life.

Our Initiatives:


Enhance global fluency and awareness for the role that International Trade and Commerce plays in the regional economy and your potential to increase economic gains. While our region is experiencing positive growth across all industry sectors, we are fortunate to have a thriving transportation and logistics infrastructure.

Resources include:

  • Global Cities Advocacy Team
  • Professional Networks
  • Regional and Bi-cultural Chambers of Commerce and Civic and Professional Associations


In addition to providing information, JAX Global Trade coordinates assistance programs to better align existing international business support resources to local business initiatives.

Resources Include:

  • Metro Jacksonville and Northeast Florida International Business Directory
  • Innovate Northeast Florida – regional economic development strategic plan


Provide online tools and establish local relationships to inform and assist area companies on methods to engage in Export – Import and related international business activities. In recent surveys of the regional economy, as many as two-thirds of Northeast Florida businesses are not currently engaged in export or international trade activities.

Resources Include:

  • Mentor-Protégé Program – for small and mid-sized businesses
  • Engagement of successful large and small exporters to advocate the benefits of international trade to non-exporting companies within the region
  • Intern Program in conjunction with area colleges and universities


JAX Global Trade will continue to build the momentum, international awareness and global reputation of the Jacksonville region. Our objective is to create a strong global brand for Northeast Florida and to establish our area as a leading international business market of choice.

Resources Include:

  • Public and private entities creating and strengthening international relationships
  • Programs for middle and high-school students and teachers that highlight the importance of global trade and commerce to create a global mindset among the region’s next generation of workers
  • Partnering with new and existing marketing campaigns to promote Jacksonville and Northeast Florida’s global brand

Companies that Export grow 15% faster and are 12% more profitable than those that do not.

Our Partners: