A One-Stop Portal for Export and
Import Information, Advice,
Self-Assessment and Assistance

Helping Northeast Florida
Companies Go Global

The JAX Global Trade portal provides detailed
assistance to individuals and businesses wanting
to investigate and learn how an Export - Import
strategy can increase revenues, create
employment opportunities and increase
wealth within the local economy.

JAX Global Trade provides information, assistance and access to an online assessment tool to help you uncover new opportunities to export your goods and services internationally. Our portal will help you evaluate your company’s ability to become an exporter, facilitates your engagement with local export mentors, and gives you the tools and resources to become a seasoned exporter.

Increased exporting of local goods and services is a vital component to future growth of regional companies and the economy. And, a well-planned export strategy diversifies and/or insulates a company from downturns in the economy. To help businesses capitalize on global trade opportunities, JAX Global Trade helps you leverage our area’s logistics centers, seaports, airports, railways and highway systems, and economic development organizations, as well as export business and political leaders.

JAX Global Trade is dedicated to: Increasing International Awareness of Our Region, Coordinating Local Resources, Stimulating Regional Business Participation, and Building a Strong Global Brand